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The IP-8i is an AES67 audio interface allowing broadcasters to convert their audio in AES/EBU (8 stereo channels) or Analogue (4 stereo channels) format to AES67 (RAVENNA, Livewire, Dante).
A total number of 8x RS232 inputs are available for transport of UECP/RDS/PAD data.
The IP-8i offers you a straightforward audio to AES67 interface, offering a variety of features and opportunities to ease your daily work.

Flexible in application: The encoder is designed for easy converting audio to AES67. In case of audio silence, the IP-8i can automatically switch to an (optional) Icecast/shoutcast stream or play files from the internal memory.

High compatibility: The IP-8i supports a wide range of protocols for streaming, control, and monitoring (e.g. AES67, Ravenna, Livewire, Dante PTPv2, SAP, Discovery, Bonjour, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS or Ember+ and more). Furthermore, the exchange of additional information like GPIO and ancillary data between the audio networks is possible.

Pay as you grow: All soft- and hardware components are individually combinable. The scalability from one to four audio channels using software licences gives you flexibility in planning your network and reducing your costs.

Transmission robustness: Dual Streaming and Pro-MPEG FEC ensure rock-solid IP transmission.
Two optional two internal or hot pluggable power supplies guarantees fail-safe operation.

Smart management: Configuration set-up via an easy-to-use web interface for general settings as well as for backup or fall back. For remote control, the codec offers various possibilities – HTTP, FTP, NMS, SNMP. Real time monitoring is possible by the optional “Icecast Live Listening feature”. Perfect synchronization can be achieved by PTPv2 and latency control.

Audio coding fitting to your needs

  • High quality multi-format audio encoding
  • PCM


IP streaming (unicast, multiple unicast & multicast)

  • Rock solid network connection even in stress conditions according to standards RFC 3550, RFC 3551, RFC 3640, RFC 2250
  • Professional studio IP streaming using UDP and RTP
  • Unicast, Multiple Unicast & Multicast
  • Dual streaming
  • AES67 Livewire, Ravenna, Dante (SAP, RTSP)
  • SRT Secure Reliable Transport & RIST Reliable Internet Stream Transport


Backup / advanced redundancy management

  • Dual IP ports for data + 1 IP port for control interface
  • Optional: redundant power supply 90 – 260 VAC or 48 VDC


  • Control
  • Remote control with various possibilities: HTTP/S, FTP, Telnet, NMS, SNMP,
  • Revised configuration via web user interface for easier setup
  • Insertion of localized advertisement
  • SNMP v2c/v3, relays, inputs



  • Energy efficient 24/7 broadcast quality
  • Embedded auxiliary data (RBDS/RDS or PAD) and GPIO forwarding
  • Optional: Perfect network synchronization for SFN applications



  • All parameters via SNMP v2c/v3 and relay
  • Headphone output
  • Icecast live listening


Advanced control functionalities

  • HTTP/HTTPS: via web interface
  • FTP: XML file control
  • NMS: Control via centralized network management system
  • Adjustable silence detection
  • SNMP, alarm, source switch & event logging
  • Ember+


Perfect audio quality

  • Balanced analog and digital AES/EBU (integrated XLR-3 connector)


Advanced IP robustness functionalities

  • Operates under stressful network conditions
  • Management of packet size, buffer, and QoS