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The DAB-4s is a professional DAB EDI/ETI satellite receiver and converter for up to 4 DAB multiplexes.

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The DAB-4s is a professional DAB EDI/ETI satellite receiver and converter for up to 4 DAB multiplexes.

It is used at remote transmitter sites to demodulate up to 4 EDI/ETI data streams from a DVB-S/S2 satellite feed and output to the transmitter.

Moreover, it can flexibly be configured as a 4 x EDI/ETI converter, a 4 x ETI/EDI converter or as a 4 x EDI Level converter. Additionally, it monitors all EDI/ETI streams. A pair of input ETI/EDI sources can work together in a redundant master / slave configuration.

Flexible in application: The DAB-4s allows receiving EDI streams or ETI signals from different sources (Satellite, IP and E1 lines) simultaneously converts the signals to the DAB transmitters in the field.

As a high-density solution, the device offers four ETI outputs and four ETI bidirectional interfaces (in/out) to increase the number of ETI outputs if e.g. ETI mirroring is needed. Moreover, it is equipped with two Ethernet data interfaces – in and out. For synchronization of all sites, the DAB-4s can use NTP, PTPv2 or an external 10 MHz signal.

Reliable and robust: Made for 24/7 operation, the DAB-4s can be equipped with redundant power supplies. Two alternative EDI or ETI sources can be combined in a main/backup configuration for redundancy purposes.
In case the external clock fails, the DAB-4s can use an internal clock recovery from the EDI stream by jitter removal and assure an ongoing synchronized transmission.

Smart management: The DAB-4s is fully configurable via web interface or remotely via SNMP trap (get & set). In addition, the device offers real time statistics and monitoring of the main DAB+ parameters and on air monitoring at transmitter sites is possible by an optional DAB tuner module.


  • SAT-input for EDI/ETI
  • 4 ETI E1 G703/G704 interfaces
  • ASI for ETI (MPEG2-TS)
  • 1 BNC 10 MHz for reference clock
  • Optional: EDI over UDP/IP on data interfaces
  • Optional: DAB tuner for monitoring


  • 4 ETI E1 G703/G704 interfaces
  • ASI for ETI (MPEG2-TS)
  • IP EDI on data interfaces

EDI level converter

  • FEC level conversation for outgoing IP EDI streams

SAT receiver

  • integrated satellite tuner with loop-through output
  • Upgrade options: Dual tuner module with 2 inputs, advanced single tuner for 16APSK/32APSK and GSE support
  • Extraction of 4 EDI/ETI streams
  • Optional: Conditional access decryption (BISS-1)


  • Up to 4x EDI/ETI converter
  • Up to 4x ETI/EDI converter
  • Up to 4x EDI level converter

ETI/EDI redundancy switch

  • ETI link redundancy
  • EDI stream redundancy
  • Seamless switching and alarming for 2 redundant inputs (master/slave)
  • Redundancy on device level


  • Revised configuration via web user interface for easier setup
  • Remote control with various possibilities: HTTP/S, FTP, SSH, NMS, SNMP
  • Remote control via Satellite (on request)
  • Relays, inputs