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  • Broadcasters Warehouse - Orban OPTIMOD 8700i LT 1

    FM, Digital Radio & Streaming Processor

    The Orban OPTIMOD 8700i LT is a light version of Orban’s flagship audio processor OPTIMOD 8700i.

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  • Broadcasters Warehouse - Orban XPN-AM 3

    AM Audio Processor

    The new Orban XPN-AM Audio Processor is based upon an AM-optimized version of Orban’s MX limiter technology that was first introduced in the Optimod-FM 8600.

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  • Broadcasters Warehouse - Orban OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise 5

    Audio Processing System

    Orban OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ is an easy-to-use, Linux-based, customizable processing platform for multiple broadcast stations or streaming services with centralized control.

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  • Broadcasters Warehouse - DBX 286s 7

    Mic Preamp / Processor

    The dbx® 286s is a full featured Channel Strip Processor that delivers a studio quality microphone/instrument preamplifier and four processors.

  • Broadcasters Warehouse - Digigram Q-MIC 9

    Dynamic Mic Pre-amp for smartphones

    Practical, affordable and reliable, Q-Mic is the perfect companion for professional field reporters.

  • FM Audio Processor

    Audessence ProCoder-2 FM processor and stereo encoder that can save money whether your station is part of a large network  or a smaller broadcaster looking to broadcast a loud signal without losing clarity and quality.

  • FM Audio Processor

    Top-of-the range Audessence ProCoder-3 with integral fully-featured RDS encoder now makes building a high quality, reliable FM system more cost-effective than ever before.

  • Broadcast Audio Processor

    Breakaway Broadcast Processor is the best solution for FM, AM and all forms of digital broadcasting wrapped up in a software program.

  • Microphone Pre-Amplifier

    The Glensound GS-MCA001 is a portable, battery powered microphone preamplifier with limiter.

  • Broadcasters Warehouse - DBX 386 19

    Dual Channel Mic Pre

    The Silver Series 386 dual-channel tube mic preamp puts the best of both worlds into one affordable package.

  • Broadcasters Warehouse - DBX 376 21

    Tube Channel Strip w/ Digital Out

    The DBX 376 Tube Channel Strip w/Digital Output is the latest addition to the Silver Series family.

  • Voiceover 08

    The Glensound Voiceover 08 provides a high quality microphone pre-amp interface to any recording device or PC, together with headphone monitoring for the user.

  • Multimode Audio Processor

    The Inovonics INOmini 223 is an audio processing powerhouse in a deceptively small package.

  • Broadcasters Warehouse - Aphex Channel 27

    Master Preamp & Input Processor

    With more and more studios foregoing consoles in favor of recording and mixing “in the box”, a clean and versatile front end input stage is indispensible.

  • Audio Processing Software

    This full-featured, professional audio processing software transforms Windows PCs into high-end audio processors.

  • Audio Leveller

    The Audessence ALPS-1 audio leveller provides control of perceived audio loudness (volume), dynamic range and peak level (modulation).

  • Broadcasters Warehouse - Biquad APG-02 33

    FM Audio Processor

    The Biquad APG-02 audio processor is designed for use in FM stations, which want a good sound at an economical price.

  • FM Digital RDS/RBDS Processor

    OPTIMOD-FM 5500i puts coveted five-band and two-band OPTIMOD processing into a single rack unit package.

  • FM/HD Audio Processor

    The Solidyne Audimax 362HD has 7 analogue processing stages and a digital stereo coder.

  • PCIe Windows® Audio Processing Card

    The Orban Optimod-PC 1101e professional Microsoft Windows audio processing card for PCIe bus systems offers dedicated, broadcast-quality digital signal processing on-board for audio processing, mixing, and routing.

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