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  • 500 Watt FM Transmitter

    The Elenos ETG 500 maximizes the concept of energy efficiency, compactness and reliability that have steered the design over the past ten years.

  • FM Transmitter

    The Sinteck XT-1020 FM transmitters brings a high quality product allied at low production cost, excellent cost-benefit ratio.

  • Transmitter + Antennas + Cable

    This Lucoro 300W FM Transmitter Package includes  a state of the art 300 watt stereo transmitter with integrated DSP Audio Processor, 16 times over-sampled Stereo Encoder and pure digital synthesis RDS Generator.

  • 1kW FM Transmitter

    EXC 1000GX model is the 1000W compact transmitter of the innovative GX family produced by Sielco.

  • omb em 1000

    1kW FM Transmitter

    The OMB EM1000 HE DIG PLUS COMPACT 1KW FM transmitter has been created by the OMB centre of development for high-efficiency transmitters.

  • eddystone xe300

    300 Watt FM Exciter / Transmitter

    The Eddystone XE300 is an advanced, fully-featured broadcast FM exciter that is also ideally suited for use as a low power stand-alone transmitter.

  • 1.6kW FM Transmitter

    SielCo EXC1600GX model is the 1600 Watt compact transmitter of the innovative GT family produced by Sielco.

  • Transmitter + Antennas + Cable

    This Complete 1000W FM Transmitter Package includes the Transmitter + 4-bay (6db gain) Antenna system + Cables + Connectors.

  • 1kW FM Transmitter

    The Elenos ETG1000 maximizes the concept of energy efficiency, compactness and reliability that have steered the design over the past ten years.

  • castel ets 250

    250W AM Transmitter

    The Castel ETS-250 is a compact and high-quality quarter-kilowatt transmitter.

  • 500W FM Transmitter

    This Elenos ETG500 Solar Power transmitter combines ultra high efficiency, high reliability and low energy consumption in a sleek, 2RU high, compact rack mountable unit.

  • 1kW Digital FM Transmitter

    The BW Broadcast TX1000 V3 transmitter is the perfect piece of equipment for you. Built-in 4-band DSP audio processing, Ethernet control, RDS Encoder and FSK IDer, GPS inputs for SFN applications & Hot-Swap PSU.

  • FM Rebroadcast transmitter

    The ECRESO Systems Solar bringing Solar PV Powered FM Radio to Isolated off-grid communities


  • Digital 1kW Transmitter

    The Sielco Sielco PolyEco 1000 is the innovative family of high-end digital FM transmitters of Sielco.

  • eddystone s79005 10

    500 Watt Modular FM Transmitter

    The Eddystone S79005-10 500W transmitter is an evolution of the highly modular architecture for which Eddystone Broadcast transmitters are known.

  • armstrong x1000b 2

    500W AM Transmitter

    The Atmstrong X-500B is built with a single 600 Watt RF module capable of 150% modulation, and can bring that major market sound to your radio station.

  • 3kW FM Transmitter

    The new SUONO ESVB3000 transmitter from  Italy offers superb quality at a great price point.

  • 2kW FM Transmitter

    The Sielco EXC 2000GX is a 2kW solid state FM transmitter that operates in the 87.5–108.0MHz FM broadcast band.

  • 12W rms UHF TV Transmitter

    The ABE MTX D10/U DVB-T2 is designed to take advantage of the excellence of the digital modulation systems to generate both Analog and Digital emissions (DVB-T2, DVB-T/H, ISDB-T/Tb, ATSC and other standards).

  • OMB 100W Digital TV Transmitter Package

    The OMB  transmitter supports DVB-T/H, DVB-SH, DTMB, MediaFLO or ATSC (8VSB) full mode implementation.

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