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  • Orban XPN AM 1

    AM Audio Processor

    The new Orban XPN-AM Audio Processor is based upon an AM-optimized version of Orban’s MX limiter technology that was first introduced in the Optimod-FM 8600.

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  • Orban OPTIMOD PCn 1600

    Audio Processing Software

    The Orban OPTIMOD-PCn 1600 is Orban’s solution for server-based audio processing.

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  • vmeters

    Audio Level Metering

    VMeters  can show the audio level for many audio channels, in Mono or Stereo, in either vertical or horizontal bars (PPM meters to follow soon).

  • voceware audionicsgateway2


    The application makes a HTTP POST of any changes to the crosspoints within the Audionics switcher, which VClock can receive.

  • Broadcast Audio Processor

    Breakaway Broadcast Processor is the best solution for FM, AM and all forms of digital broadcasting wrapped up in a software program.

  • Encoding & Processing Software

    The Omnia Z/IPStream X/2  is designed to process audio files for podcasting, Internet streaming, and other applications.

  • Stream Encoding & Processing Software

    The Telos Z/IPStream X/2, a combined audio processing/streaming platform designed for broadcasters who understand that streaming audio quality and reliability are just as important as terrestrial transmission.

  • PCIe Windows® Audio Processing Card

    The Orban Optimod-PC 1101e professional Microsoft Windows audio processing card for PCIe bus systems offers dedicated, broadcast-quality digital signal processing on-board for audio processing, mixing, and routing.

  • Audio Processing Software – Telos Alliance

    OmniaSST audio processing software is the only processor with the 3 Ds for your audio needs: Declipper, Delossifer, and Dehummer. With Declipper, OmniaSST.

SOFTWARE Audio Processing