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  • bsi speedy4 1

    Rapid Rip Professional CD-to-PC Dubbing

    One more way Speedy is more versatile than ever is the optional hardware key.

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  • LuciLive iPhone

    LUCI Live

    LUCI Live also allows you to pre-record and edit items (top & tail) to be inserted during your live broadcast.

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  • Radiosoft Radio Checker Pro

    DTMF Command Detection

    Radiosoft RADIO Checker Pro software for automatic DTMF command detection. Optimized to work with RADIO Player Pro. Can be used by third party software as external signal detector.

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  • radiosoft radio base pro

    Music File Database Management

    Radiosoft RADIO Base Pro freeware music file database management software. Supports ID3 and other file information tags.

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  • digigram iqoya

    Multichannel Audio-over IP software

    The software service offers the same robustness as hardware-based solutions but is infinitely more cost-effective, scalable, and flexible.

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  • Orban XPN AM 1

    AM Audio Processor

    The new Orban XPN-AM Audio Processor is based upon an AM-optimized version of Orban’s MX limiter technology that was first introduced in the Optimod-FM 8600.

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  • magicsoft cg ver 8 5

    Character Generator und Graphics

    MagicSoft CG ver. 8.5 is a broadcast application used to easily create, display and control a variety of different graphics projects including Lower-Thirds, Tickers, Logos, Crawls, Clock and Rolls – essentially every graphic needed for day to day operating a TV station.

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  • Orban OPTIMOD PCn 1600

    Audio Processing Software

    The Orban OPTIMOD-PCn 1600 is Orban’s solution for server-based audio processing.

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  • IP Codec for iPhone

    The Tieline Report-IT turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into a pocket-sized portable 15kHz live IP audio codec.

  • radiosoft Radio Rotator Pro

    Music Scheduler

    Radiosoft RADIO Rotator Pro – Music schedule management software. Supports various playlist export formats and print reports.

  • Audio Recording & Storage

    Radiosoft RADIO Logger Pro features automatic audio recording and storage software. Supports MP3 encoding and Email notifications when signal is lost.

  • StationPlaylist Creator 1

    Music/Spot Scheduler

    StationPlaylist Creator is capable of producing much more controlled and sophisticated scheduling than a basic random shuffle of your music.

  • Radiosoft Adsman Pro

    RADIO AdsMan Pro

    Radiosoft RADIO AdsMan Pro software for generating advertising playlists from a database of available commercials.

  • StationPlaylist Streamer 1

    Stand-alone Stream Encoder

    StationPlaylist Streamer is required to record the audio output from the mixer and encode it to a stream.

  • Time Server

    The Sonifex Mentor Time Server is software which runs on a Windows™ 7/8/10 PC and synchronizes a number of Windows™ 7/8/10 PC client machines or Sonifex Net-Log units to its time.

  • stationplaylist RemoteVT 1

    Voice track recorder

    StationPlaylist Remote Voice Tracker enables you or your DJ’s to record voice tracks and edit playlists from home.

  • Radiosoft Radio Player Pro

    Radio Automation

    Radiosoft RADIO Player Pro – Multi-functional audio files player.

  • stationplaylist studio

    On-Air Broadcast Software

    StationPlaylist Studio manages and controls multiple players internally for such purposes as automatic voice track/song intro overlapping.

  • SD and HD Streaming setups supported

    MagicSoft Streamer ver. 2 is an application for live IP streaming designed for distribution and contribution that fulfils the demands of professional IP broadcasting.

  • vmeters

    Audio Level Metering

    VMeters  can show the audio level for many audio channels, in Mono or Stereo, in either vertical or horizontal bars (PPM meters to follow soon).