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  • Orban XPN AM 1

    AM Audio Processor

    The new Orban XPN-AM Audio Processor is based upon an AM-optimized version of Orban’s MX limiter technology that was first introduced in the Optimod-FM 8600.

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  • Orban OPTIMOD PCn 1600

    Audio Processing Software

    The Orban OPTIMOD-PCn 1600 is Orban’s solution for server-based audio processing.

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  • Orban OPTIMOD XPN Enterprise

    Audio Processing System

    Orban OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ is an easy-to-use, Linux-based, customizable processing platform for multiple broadcast stations or streaming services with centralized control.

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  • orban opticodec 7600

    Audio Codec

    The Opticodec 7600 has been designed and engineered by our German Engineering team from the ground up with the objective to serve the broadcasters reliably 24/7/365 under all conditions.

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  • FM Digital RDS/RBDS Processor

    OPTIMOD-FM 5500i puts coveted five-band and two-band OPTIMOD processing into a single rack unit package.

  • PCIe Windows® Audio Processing Card

    The Orban Optimod-PC 1101e professional Microsoft Windows audio processing card for PCIe bus systems offers dedicated, broadcast-quality digital signal processing on-board for audio processing, mixing, and routing.

  • FM Limiter

    Orban OPTIMOD-FM 5518 is a superb stand-alone stereo FM limiter combining look-ahead and bandlimited clipping techniques.

  • AM Audio Processor

    The Orban OPTIMOD-AM 9300 audio processor can help you achieve the highest possible audio quality in monophonic AM shortwave.

  • FM/HD Audio Processor

    Our Orban OPTIMOD-5700i offers the proven OPTIMOD sound in a compact, cool-running 1U system at an affordable price.

  • Multiple-Purpose Processor

    The Orban OPTIMOD 6300 is a high-quality, multipurpose stereo audio processor for digital radio, digital television, netcasts, STL protection, satellite uplink protection, and digital mastering.

  • FM/HD + RDS/RDBS Audio Processor

    The clarity and punch of Optimod-FM 8600Si processing, now available in a compact package.

  • FM, Digital Radio & Streaming Processor

    The Orban OPTIMOD 8700i LT is a light version of Orban’s flagship audio processor OPTIMOD 8700i.

  • Surround Loudness Controller

    The Orban OPTIMOD TV 8685 includes third-generation CBS Loudness Controllers for DTV applications.

  • FM/DAB+ and HD Audio Processor

    The Orban OPTIMOD-FM 8700i  features versatile five-band and two-band processing for both analog FM transmission and digital media, the 8700i provides the industry’s most consistent sound, track-to-track and source-to-source.

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