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  • genelec 8010ap

    Bi-Amplified Monitor System (pair)

    The extremely compact bi-amplified Genelec 8010A allows professionals to work in small studios.

  • Genelec 6010A 1

    Bi-Amplified Monitor System (pair)

    The Genelec 6010B is an extremely compact bi-amplified system designed for computer sound systems.

  • Genelec 8020B

    Bi-Amplified Monitor System (pair)

    The small bi-amplified Genelec 8020C is designed to achieve accurate monitoring in all types of listening environments.

  • Genelec 8030A 1

    Bi-Amplified Monitor System (pair)

    The bi-amplified Genelec 8030B is a powerful monitor ideal for a wide range of applications and listening environments.

  • Genelec 8130A

    Digital Monitor System (pair)

    The Genelec 8130A Digital Monitoring System features a built-in 24 bit/192 kHz digital audio interface.

  • Genelec 8040A

    Bi-Amplified Monitor System (pair)

    Boasting astonishing performance, the bi-amplified 8040B monitor is ideal for use in all types of production environments.

  • Genelec 8240A

    Bi-Amplified Monitor System (pair)

    Audio monitoring precision is lifted to an entirely new level of accuracy with Genelec 8240A Smart Active Monitor (SAM™).

  • Genelec 8050

    Bi-Amplified Monitor System (pair)

    Producing high SPL over a very wide frequency response, the bi-amplified 8050B is a powerful and accurate reference monitoring system.

  • Genelec 8250A

    Bi-Amplified Monitor System (pair)

    8250A is the monitoring solution for recording studios, post-production houses, digital mastering facilities, radio and TV broadcasting.

  • Tri-Amplified Monitor System (pair)

    The 8260A Smart Active Monitor (SAM™) is a masterpiece in electro-acoustic design.

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