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  • aldena acfo0102218

    High Power Cross Polarized Antenna

    Aluminum double crossed dipole antenna with omnidirectional pattern, preferred direction and capable of handling up to 13kW.

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  • aldena acg0102230

    Circular Tuned Antenna

    Power handling up to 500W and made entirely of stainless steel.

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  • aldena adc 0202110

    FM tuned coaxial dipole

    FM tuned coaxial dipole with vertical polarization comes fitted with 7/16 DIN female
    connector and rated at 3000W.

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  • Aldena ASR0202320 1

    Two element yagi antenna

    Aldena’s ASR0202320 2-element yagi antenna available in model with up to 5000W power handling.

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  • Aldena ADP0102410

    Panel antenna with double dipole

    The Aldena ADP0102410 range of wholly aluminum panel antennas come is models with up to 5kW power handling.

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  • aldena alp0802731

    8-element Log-Periodic antenna

    The Aldena 8-ele wholly aluminum log-periodic antenna is fitted with a 7/16 connector and with a power handling of up to 3kW.

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  • aldena alp0802712

    Log-Periodic Antenna

    8-ele demountable high power Log-Periodic antenna

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  • aldena ADB010421x 1

    VHF – Band 111 DAB & TV Antenna

    Dipole antenna in welded aluminum.

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  • aldena alp070471x 2

    VHF – Band 111 & DAB Antenna

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  • Aldena AST0102235 1

    Half-wave Tuned Dipole

    Half-wave tuned dipole in stainless steel. Almost omni-directional radiation pattern. Suitable for FM stacked-array antenna systems. Demountable.

  • Aldena ADE0102220 1

    Galvanized or Stainless Steel Dipole

    Aldena’s ADE0102220 omni-directional dipole antenna is available in models with up to 5000W power handling.

  • Aldena ALP0502711

    Log-periodic 5 element antenna

    Available in painted aluminum or stainless steel the ALP series of antenna offer a directional radiation pattern with reduced side lobes.

  • Aldena ASD0102213

    Demountable Aluminum Dipole

    Suitable for FM stacked array antenna systems.

  • Aldena ACF0202217

    Cross Polarized Antenna

    Cross polarized dipole antenna available in treated aluminum or stainless steel.

  • aldena adp 0102410

    Panel antenna in aluminum or ali/galvanized steel

    Panel antenna with dipole. Available in all aluminum or aluminum dipole with galvanized steel panel.

  • Aldena ASE0102210

    High power dipole in aluminum or stainless steel

    Dipole antenna in welded aluminum or stainless steel. omni-directional pattern with preferred direction. Suitable for high power FM stacked-array antenna systems. Demountable, pressurizable and broadband.